Friday, January 28, 2011

Simple Red Mitts

We’ve just experienced one of the coldest days in Southern Ontario this past week, -24C with a wind chill of -30 C.  Winter means cold hands, so mittens are a must in Ontario Canadian winters. 

Mittens are quick, and easy to knit.  They make excellent gifts as they can be personally customized for the recipient ie their favourite colour, and not to mention a perfect fit !
Receiving a homemade gift is often more meaningful than one that was store bought.  

The last pair of mitts I made I used 100% wool and felted them for extra warmth.  What is felting?   Simple – it’s matted wool.    

The project you wish to felt is knitted much larger than usual and 100% wool must be used.    Once you’ve finished your knitting your project, the process of felting is to wash it in hot soapy water so that it purposely shrinks and the fibers mat together and feel like felt.   The stitches become tight and tangled together and once dried the material becomes very durable and called felt.  The easiest way is to put in your washing machine and wash in hot soapy water.   You can felt your object in the sink, but it takes lots of work and patience.

Felting is fun because you’re not always sure what your project will look like when it’s been felted.    There are many knitted objects that can be felted ie mitts, purses, hats and more.   There are many felting patterns and books available on how to felt, whether it be in a top loading / front loading washing machine or by hand.

Mittens before felting

Mittens after felting

Try making your own mittens by felting wool fibers together. These mittens will be sure to keep your hands warm – your hands will thank you !

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  1. The mittens are just beautiful! I want to learn how to knit. I am hoping my 90 year grandmother will teach me later this month. I love the felting. Are the mittens hard to knit? I might need to start with a straight scarf:} Thanks for linking up with this weeks "Made From Scratch" blog Hop! Have a great week and I look forward to watch you are making in the future!

    The Way Grandmama Does It


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