Saturday, January 1, 2011

Simple Tofu Jerky

For all my vegetarian friends (and not so vegetarian) .....

Tofu Jerky ... yup !  It is delicious ... just ask any vegetarian (or non-vegeterians).    My adult kids are my best critics and claim this is very good !  Easy to make, nutritious, delicious, easy snack to carry, great for hiking or snacking, good protein.

Secret is to marinate the tofu for several days before drying/dehydrating.   You can find various recipes on the web.  My favourite is found (

Looking for ideas to dehydrate food for camping/backpacking/hiking/paddlers (or for your emergency food storage)?  One of my favouries is "Trail Food", by Alan Kesselheim.   It's a small book, packed with how to's,  recipes, dehydrating times, etc.

Marinated Tofu before drying
Tofu after drying

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  1. Thanks for the recipe! Who would have thought of deydrating tofu. I have a dehyrdator and will give it a try. Also the book looks great too! Will have to order that one. Thanks for linking up to the "Made From Scratch" blog hop. Look forward to more of your posts this year!


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