Friday, February 4, 2011

Simple Homemade Cards

Making homemade cards is a fun and rewarding hobby you can enjoy with your family and friends.    Card making has become more popular and a novelty to send handmade greeting cards.  They also make wonderful gifts.

Card making is easy.   You can make simple cards to very elaborate ones.   Card making is not an expensive hobby.  The basic supplies you need is:   paper, glue, coloured pencils and a cutter/scissors.  The possibilities are endless for your handmade creation with embellishments, rubber stamps and other card making supplies. 

I love to take photographs of my garden and while out hiking.   My handmade cards are with the photos I’ve taken.  I rarely go out without my camera, so that I don’t miss out on that special moment. 

“The joy of gathering card making ideas, paper, embellishments, and other card making supplies to make the cards and the joy that the handmade greeting cards give to the recipients are just feelings that cannot be purchased.”

Here’s a few examples of cards that I’ve made.

Cards with photos I've taken while out on adventures

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  1. Cards can be so beautiful that they turn into canvases and make wonderful gift items. I remember painting on large cut out heavy paper and each side of the card would take on it's own meaning, like a mini booklet. There would be a painting on the front, poetry on the inside and a closing greeting. I used to make them as gifts when I had no money and members of my family would just love them.


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