Saturday, February 26, 2011


After two long weeks of working long hours, hubby in hospital and a very, very sick cat at home, I’m not much up to writing about anything. 

Long hours were spent last week in an emergency ward, “waiting” for hubby’s tests, then results, “waiting” for doctors, “waiting” for nurses and watching hubby sleep. 

Knitting sure helped pass the time.  I had with me a pair of socks I was working on.  Socks are such a portable knitting project.  They take up little room and I can carry my project with me in my purse.    Knitting became a conversation piece with others who were also “waiting”, along with the nurses and passersby.  It was also became a conversation piece with others, once hubby was admitted, in his room and in the halls.  There were others, who were also “waiting” and knitting and as our eyes met we’d smile and conversations would start.   My mind couldn’t concentrate on reading.  Knitting kept my hands busy and made the time fly by.  Fortunately, I am one of those who can also talk and knit at the same time.  

Three days of waiting in hospital, produced a fun pair of socks and I learned a new “heel” stitch.   I met a lot of people, struck up many conversations and it made a sometimes very scary place to be, a little more cheery. 
Do you have a hobby that gives you joy, one you can take anywhere; do anywhere, whenever you have to “wait”.  Right now I’m writing this as I sit at a service center “waiting” until my car is serviced – another two hour “wait”.  I used to dislike “waiting”, and felt it was wasting my time, but now I look forward to it and enjoy that time.   When my kids were younger I spent many hours “waiting” at the pool for practice times to end and at all day swim meets.  Both were competitive swimmers.

What do you do when you must “wait”?  Do you fret, pace, worry, or do you enjoy that time for reading, writing, prayer/meditation or a hobby?   In this busy and fast paced world, next time look at “waiting” as a gift – time that you wouldn’t normally have put aside for yourself.


  1. I like those socks.

    Is this the "new heel" technique?


  2. Yes, the sock picture shows the new heel stitch I learned.


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