Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Journey to Simplicity – Part 1

My journey to a simpler/frugal lifestyle has not come easy.   Simplifying is not easy…. but well worth the effort and journey to get there.   It is a journey, as it is always a moving target to keep your life simple.   There are so many influences/distractions in this world that will creep back in to your life and fill it up again that can make it stressful.

Hiking the Bruce Trail - enjoying nature's solitude

My journey at first was out of necessity.  As a young single parent many years ago with two small children, funds were extremely tight and it was really tough supporting the three of us on my small salary, working three jobs.  Then when Mr. Right came along it was easier for a while, but then he became ill and couldn’t work for a couple of years and now only at  seasonal part time low paying jobs.   

In the beginning of my journey, there wasn’t the internet for searching out resources.  Others my age at the time were not simplifying, but buying bigger homes, taking big vacations and simplifying just wasn’t the thing to do !    So instead of feeling like a “have-not”, I turned my simplicity journey into a game and have had a lot of fun in doing so.

I have learned many things along the way and am thankful for my love of home crafts.   I can’t tell you the joy you get from being creative and finding creative ways to “make things work”.   I am thankful too I have a hubby who equally shares in the joy of being creative. 

In the beginning I got lots of ideas from books at our local library (one of my favourite places).   

A few of my favourite books include:
  • Tightwad Gazette – Promoting Thrift as a Viable Alternative Lifestyle , Vol 1, 2 and 3  - Amy Dacyczyn
  • Your Money or Your Life - Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez
  • Enough - Lifestyle & Financial Planning for Simple Living - Betty Jane Whylie
  • Less is More - Cecile Andrews & Wanda Urbanska
  • Square Foot Gardening – Growing More in Less Space  - Mel Bartholomew (see my post on “Simple Garden)
  • Rightsizing Your Life - Ciji Ware
  • Simplify Your Life –
    Elaine St.
It’s never too late to simplify (downsize, right size or whatever the latest word of the day is) !   Stay tuned for more on my simplicity journey…..


  1. I understand what you're talking about Janet, I saw the same things for years, and I feel exactly the same as you do. I am grateful for my graphic design, and for the kids I have around me that help keep me young and vital. I think SIMPLICITY is necessary in this stressed out world.
    And you are equally fortunate to have a hubby that feels the same way as you.

  2. I really like your attitude about not feeling deprived, but contented, with less.

    I read 3 of the books mentioned here.

    The public library is one of my fave places also.



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