Saturday, March 5, 2011

Simple Heating

With the rising costs of utility bills, and added GST, it’s getting harder and harder to get ahead. 

There are many ways to help cut heating costs.   One way we have reduced our heating costs is by installing an insert into our wood burning fireplace.   After one winter, the savings we have incurred almost paid for the cost of the new insert.   We are now into our third winter with the insert and have reduced our natural gas bill by over one third.   We keep the temperature of our house on the cool side, which is also better for sleeping.   The fireplace is in the room we spend the most time in and keeps us very cozy.    A ceiling fan helps circulate the air into the rest of the main floor. 

During the summer/early fall season hubby collects free wood that various companies put out for garbage, such as broken skids and what others put out for large garbage.    He brings it home and cuts it up into smaller pieces that fit into the fireplace.   His wood findings are plentiful during the summer and early fall months, when most people are not thinking about winter’s cold and snow.   This past summer/fall he filled half our garage with cut up wood, enough to last us the whole winter plus get us through the early part of next winter.  All for free.

Eco friendly Tip:   To keep the glass window of your fireplace clean:  using a damp cloth (or newspaper), dip into the ashes in fireplace.   Use to wipe the window clean.   It does an excellent job !! 


  1. This is terrific, and the fireplace looks so cozy Janet, great tip!

  2. This is what we do as well. A big oak tree fell during a storm at my in-laws last spring, so we chopped up all the wood and have been using it in our fireplace. When we have a fire consistently going, after several hours it heats our home up by 10 degrees and saves us lots of money!


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