Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Has sprung !!!! .......At least in my House !!!

Oh….. spring is just around the corner.   I can feel it !  even though there still is snow on the ground here and it’s still tries to snow / rain or combination of both. (weather can’t decide).   

Today I planted seeds … yes !

Tomatoes (various kinds – cherry (yellow & red), beef steak, yellow and red  tomatoes, heirloom presimmons; red & green peppers, purple mallow, tarragon, basil, silver dollar).  All the seeds were saved from last year’s harvest or given to me, except for the heirloom presimmons .   I splurged on the heirloom tomatoe seeds at a recent local organic fair, with the hope of being able to save some seeds from this year's tomatoes for next year.

recycled yogurt containers used as seedling pots

I bought fresh “seedling earth”, some new trays (my old ones were leaking), saved individual yogurt containers for pots (remember to poke holes in the bottom) from others recycling efforts; the seedling labels came from old venetian blind slats cut up.

In lieu of the rising cost of food and an interest in growing my own food, I am expanding my raised vegetable beds this year.  Hubby is a great recycler and has already started searching out wood for free.   This year he found someone with long pieces of wood that they were going to cut up for firewood and is trading it for wood he already cut up and is stored in our garage (see previous post on our simple winter heating).  The long pieces he found are perfect for building my new raised vegetable bed.  

Hubby promised to build me a cold frame (from recycled wood and windows found during “large garbage days” – soon to be another post) so my seedlings can be planted outside earlier this year and extend my growing season.

It's easy to start your own vegetable seeds indoors.   If you only have a window sill you can still grow fresh herbs year round.


  1. I love all your little tips Janet, just looking at this stuff is intriguing and inspirational. Great info!! I think this could benefit a lot of people and enrich their lives just by doing it!
    What are presimmons?

  2. AWESOME!! I need to start planting mine as well. What a great idea with the yogurt cups, that would work out much better than the styrofoam cups I use, and much cheaper than the planters I buy! I will definitely have to keep that in mind as this year moves along...but for this season I'll have to stick to my old ways.

    You are very creative ;) Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. I would love to plant an indoor herb garden! I have a great window for the plants - this gave me such an inspiration :) I found your blog via Alaina's Living Simplistically blog - this is great stuff, thank you for sharing!

  4. We started our tomatoes and peppers indoors too! I hope you can convince your hubby to build you a cold frame- we have one that a friend built for us and love it! I love early spring planting :)

  5. We started our cabbage and broccoli indoors recently. We'll be doing the tomatoes and green peppers soon too. This is the first year I've started my own from seed, so I'm a little nervous. Love the yogurt cup idea!


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