Saturday, April 2, 2011

April is Cancer awareness month…

Honouring all my friends/family who have been touched by cancer

We have all been touched by cancer by one way or another, be it a loved one, friend or yourself….

“Every three minutes another Canadian is faced with fighting cancer. This April, as part of the Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Month, the Canadian Cancer Society is asking you to join the fight against cancer by giving generously when you see one of our volunteers in your community selling daffodils or canvassing at your door. Donations collected in April will be used to support people living with cancer, fund research to outsmart cancer and prevent cancer before it starts.”

“You can fight back this April is to wear a daffodil pin to show your support for someone on a cancer journey. Then on April 27th, join us for Daffodil Day as we come together in communities across Canada to honour the people in our lives affected by cancer.”

“To some, the daffodil is just a flower.
To us, it’s a symbol of strength and courage.
A symbol of life. It says we will not give up.
It says we will fight back. It says we will beat cancer.”

“The Canadian Cancer Society is a private non-profit organization, funded by donations from the public and money raised through our fundraising activities. The Canadian Cancer Society would not be able to offer these services or fund important research without the generous help of donors and volunteers.”
“The Canadian Cancer Society makes the best use of every donated dollar, keeping administration costs low in order to fund research and provide community services to help people living with cancer and their families and friends.”
“Speaking up about cancer is one of our most powerful weapons against the disease. But we can’t do it alone. The collective strength of many voices will help make cancer history.”

To find out how you can become involved in supporting the Cancer Society, by way of donations / volunteering, etc.  please visit

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