Friday, July 1, 2011

As my Garden Grows - Part 4

I'm posting the progress on my garden so far this summer.   It's the beginning of July and even though we had a slow start to the season in southwestern Ontario, things are progressing nicely.     Tomatoe plants are starting to flower, peas are flowering and have a few already....yum (which didn't make it to the kitchen - were delicious raw) !   Garlic scapes have been harvested and soon to be another post on what I've done with them !    Radish greens, mint, chives, lemon thyme, spinach and mixed greens have been used in various recipes complementing what I've brought home from our CSA Havest Share.  I'll be sharing various recipes soon on what I've cooked using our garden and harvest fresh veggies !  

Stay tuned ! .......

Raised veggie beds - Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, peppers,
herbs, radishes, peas

Peas, spinach, rhuarb, pol beans, tomatoes

Tomatoes - and my watchful trusty scarecrow rabbit !
Pallet garden - now 2 weeks old... starting to flower

Hens & Chickens thriving !

"LBC" (Little Black Cat) basking in the heat of the concrete deck

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