Friday, July 8, 2011

Blanket Canada

I love to knit and joined our local Knitters Guild.   I have made many new friends who share their passion for knitting and crocheting.    I have learned many new things at the guild.  There is a time for teaching, refreshments and show & tell.  The show & tell time is a fun time where members show what they have made, which is very inspiring.  

One of the members owns her own wool shop.   She has organized a program "Lets Blanket Halton".  "Community” is very important to her shop and thanks to many of her customers, being part of Lets Blanket Halton, over 1500 blankets & nearly 1500 pairs of mittens have been donated locally.    Many of the customers have made squares with donated left over yarns and put them together and last year were able to donate over 120 blankets to local charities.  Blankets were donated to Halton Womans Place, Salvation Army, and Links2Care to be distributed to needy people in Halton Hills.   
At our last Guild meeting of the year she brought bags of knitted squares that needed putting together.  I took a bag of squares home and have put together one blanket so far.   It is rewarding to be part of a group who gives back to the community in such a much needed way. 

The secret to making a blanket is very simple:  just spend at least 8 minutes a day crocheting or knitting.  Soon you will have an 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) square. When you have made 48 squares, you sew them together and will have a blanket that measures 48" x 64" (120cm x 160cm).

There are also other organization in Canada that you can contact to help with blankets in your area.   Contact your local knitters guild or visit for more information.

Donated knitted squares waiting to be put together for a blanket

Finished blanket - to be donated in the community where needed most

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  1. Good for you!!!! Years ago (pre-kids) I was part of the gaurdian Angel program sponsered by Guardian Drugs to supply hats, booties and mitts to the hospitals for preemies. I realy need to make the time to do something again. Not sure if we have such a guild here in Cambridge but I will look into it. Thank you for the tap in the right direction


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