Saturday, July 30, 2011


Earlier this year we lost our young cat to a most devastating disease - FIP ( Feline Infectious Peritonitis) .  It is a incurable feline disease/virus that cannot be vaccinated for. 

He wasn't even two years old - but he had already made quite a niche into our family.  Our neighbour found him in the wheel well of their truck.  He was about 6 weeks old, covered in flees, and needed to be de-wormed and vaccinated and very hungry. 

He came into our lives as a stray, when hubby was not well.  Even though he was just a baby, he constantly kept close to hubby and kept him company while I was at work.  It was though he came to us as a little angel from heaven and helped in hubby's healing process.   LBC (Little Black Cat - which isn't so little any more), our other cat took a while to accept him but eventually she did and would watch out for him.   They would play together, sleep side-by-side, and even wash each other.   They even teamed up to catch chipmunks and mice in our back yard - which was amazing to watch their strategies.

It was LBC who knew he was sick before we did.  She would constantly watch and sit near him.   This disease took over rapidly and within a month he went from a very healthy energetic cat, scaling fences, hunting for birds/mice/chipmunks, to one who couldn't eat and would hide in corners and have difficulty walking.    After he was gone, for about a week LBC would go from door to door crying, waiting and calling for him to come home.

For those of you who have lost their cat to FIP, or going through it now, it is so very tragic and my sympathies go out to you.  It is a senseless disease and so devastating. 

"Squeek" as a young adolescent

"Squeek" as a young adolescent

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  1. Aw, he is so cute, and thanks for posting this Janet, it is very informative and helpful.


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