Monday, July 18, 2011

The Perfect Summer Day

Saturday, was the perfect summer day  (hot by Ontario standards), blue skies, ... although we really do need some rain. On Sunday temperature reached 42C in the shade !  Fortunately there was a nice breeze, otherwise the heat would be hard to bear.    Our nine rain barrels surrounding our house are down to their last couple of inches of water, which we use to water the vegetable garden and flower pots.  The grass has become brown and crunchy to walk on.

I started the day by volunteering at our local farmers market to promoting our Bruce Trail Organization. (Bruce Trail) where we had a small booth.

When I got home I cooked up some of the foods from our garden, paring them up with the local food share items, for our freezer.  Hung a couple of loads of laundry outside in the breeze to dry.
Hubby is puttering outside with his new "inventions" to "improve" things outside !   I just went and checked on his "progress", only to find out he's building me a trellis/obelisk for my garden from wood  he found on one of his foraging expeditions during our "large garbage pick-up" days !  Tonights dinner, big salad (from food share, paring up with our own home grown lettuce), Whitewater Cooks dressing (it is truly addictive (Whitewater Cooks dressing recipe), some BBQ pork chops and homemade local Chardonay.  

Once the sun sets somewhat and it is a bit cooler, I'll be doing a bit of weeding and puttering in the garden.   Several virgina creeper vines have cropped up in my veggie garden and will be moving them to plant against the fences.

Virgina Creeper in my veggie garden - soon to have a new home

LBC (Little Black Cat) lounging on her new favourite bench.
Bench was found in one of hubby's foraging expeditions - just needs
a bit of TLC and replace a few boards. 

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