Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stress Busters

Some of you have asked .. how do you do it !   I work full time, knit, do homecrafts, cooking/preserving , volunteer, keep a blog.   Well, somedays I don't feel like I "do it".    My day job can be stressful, but it's my hobbies and volunteer work that keeps me balanced and re-charges my creative side so that I can do that "day job". 

One of the volunteer jobs I do is being volunteer hike leader for the community.  I am guaranteed to have someone to hike with and being in nature at any time of the year, with the fresh air, exercise (challenging at times), seeing the most amazing scenery, the wildlife and meeting new people is one of the best stress busters going !   When I am out hiking, I leave the stresses of life behind when I enter the quietness of the trails and focus on walking.  Your senses are hightened, and you begin to hear sounds that you don't hear in the suburbs, and see the true beauty of nature.   I am very fortunate to live close to one of the longest hiking trail in Ontario (Canada) - The Bruce Trail.   It is over 850 km  from start to finish - Niagara Falls to Tobemory with many additional side trails too.

Here are few of my most favourie pictures I've taken while out on hikes, some of them I keep as screen savers on my computer as a reminder of the times I can escape on the trails.

Mushrooms - Bruce Penisula

Boardwalk - Toronto Bruce Trail section

Bruce Trail - Scotsdale Farm

Niagara Gorge

Niagara River

My "earned" badges - completed sections of Bruce Trail :
Toronto to Cheltenham - 50+ Km,
Cambridge to Limehouse - 50+ Km

Bruce Trail - August - Scotsdale Farm

Spring - Trillium - Ontario's Provincial Flower - Limehouse

Mushroom - Bruce Penisula

Hiking in Winter

Bruce Trail - Great Esker Side Trail

Hubby hiking on Duff Pit side Trail
That's Me !  Hike in the pouring Rain - Bruce Penisula

Winter Hiking

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