Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As My Garden Grows - Part 6

It's mid August now and the days are already starting to get shorter.  Some vegetables are almost done their time (ie peas).  Zucchini is almost done too as the mildew got to it, despite working to keep it at bay.  But, I may get a couple more zucchinis before the plants are done.

Tomatoes were a struggle this year, unlike other years.  With the dry spell we had and trying to keep up with the watering, they seemed to go bad at the bottoms of the fruit.   In talking with other gardeners they are also experiencing the same problem.  We've had more rain the past week so I'm hoping that the problem may have corrected itself.   The cherry tomatoes are doing very well.

I've planted a new crop of radish, spinach and swiss chard - and hope to get another crop before the frost comes.   The beans are beginning and have had two meals of them already.  This year planted purple pole beans and scarlet runners beans.   The purple pole beans are pretty, and they do cook up green ! 

The pallet garden  is filling out nicely with drought resistant plants, and I have already begun making my list of ideas and changes for next year's garden !

This morning's pickings from the garden

Purple pole beans

pallet garden

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