Thursday, August 25, 2011

CSA Farm - Have I told you how much I enjoy it?

Once a week I pick up my food share at the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm close to home after work.  One of the perks is pick you own flowers and herbs.    I love the time spent in the field picking flowers - the quietness of the farm and the nice breeze.   I pick just enough for a lovely vase for home and another one for the office where I work.   After several days, the arrangement may start too look droopy, so I have been taking the best of what's left and drying (on my indoor laundry clothes line now a drying rack for the summer) for a nice arrangement to enjoy in the winter months.

The night of the food share pick up we usually have left overs of some sort, and maybe a fresh salad or steamed vegetables from the pick up to compliment the meal.    After dinner I go through all the vegetables/herbs and wash, and make up a stock or soup with the radish/turnip/carrot tops, wash up the herbs for drying, and make two lovely flower arrangements from the pick you own flowers.

This weeks pick up included :
radishes and greens (greens already made into soup)
garlic (saving some to plant in my own garden !)
kale (already made into kale chips - for snacks)
carrots and tops (used in the soup with radish greens)
beans (steamed with carrots for dinner - leftover water saved/frozen as vegetable stock for later use)
green pepper
summer squash
green onions
splet flour
Fresh picked flowers
Fresh picked basil and sweet marjoram (some used in soup already - rest is drying or chopped up and frozen for later use)

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