Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Large Garbage Days - One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure...

"Large Garbage Days" in our neighbourhood occurs about once a month during spring/summer and fall.   People are allowed to put out large items that would not normally be collected on regular garbage days.   You are allowed only to put out several items, however everyone puts out as much as they want a day or two before pick up and then go around looking at what others put out.  Often the items you put out are gone before the garbage trucks come by to collect.  Some forage for items that can be resold in their future garage sales, or take to a recycler for cash (ie steel, copper wiring etc).

Hubby is great at foraging on large garbage days !  I give him my "shopping list" and out he goes.  It is absolutely amazing at what people throw out, toss to the end of the curb and no longer want. 

Some of the things hubby has brought home are (some of which still need some fixing up) :  enough wood to heat our home for a whole winter, build our raised veggie garden beds and arbour for a climbing rose bush, pallets (one of which serves as a new "pallet garden" - see my post on pallet garden), a perfectly good Honda lawn mower  (the blade was just installed upside down), various garden treasurers, including a bird bath, window boxes, wicker plant stand, bench, rain barrels (9) now surrounding our house - (which holds most of the rain water we need for watering the vegetable garden), wheel barrow, wicker chair, hanging basket (of what looked like dead flowers - which I brought to life - see picture below), a weather main - with stain glass, bambo bed frame (which now serves as a trellis for my perennial sweet peas), ceramic pots, coffee maker, perfectly good furniture, lamps, and the list goes on !

Here are just a few of the treasures he has brought home - all for free ! 

Wicker chair and hanging basket - brought back to life

Stained glass weather main

bench - back to be repaired - It's now our LBC's (Little Black Cat)
favourite place to lounge - so she can keep an eye on the

wicker bench - just added some decorative pillows

old child's chair - now gracing the perennial beds

wicker plant stand holding
my 25 year old Hoya plant

one of 9 rain barrels storing rain water around our house


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