Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learning to Forage

We're learning to forage!   What is foraging?  Foraging is a skill that has become almost forgotten.  It is the joy of picking, tasting the flavours given to us by nature.    Our society has become disconnected with where our food comes from, but our ancestors knew this skill and used on a daily basis to survive.     

Educate yourself before you go out foraging and be sure to know what you are picking before you pick and eat.   It's very important to know how to identify a particular plant and to know if it's edible as there are many plants that are not edible and can make you sick or worse.  There are many books available on this very topic and I've started to create a small library of my own for reference.   The Library is also a great source of information.

My daughter foraging for raspberries
Reasons to Forage
1)  Provides outdoor exercise and fun !!
2)  Foraged food is free of pesticides, herbicides and genetic modification
3)  Foraged food provides amazing flavours
4)  It's a source of food in survival situations
5)  The food you find is free - which reduces your food costs
6)  It increases your awareness of the plant world
7)  The food is highly concentrated in vitamins and minerals

When foraging, be sure to dress appropriately and bring the right tools, ie scissors, gloves, containers for collecting items, etc.  Wear proper shoes, long pants/shirts to protect yourself from bugs and cuts/scrapes.  Wear a hat so you don't get sun/heat stroke on a sunny day. Bring bug repellent if needed and always remember to bring water so you don't get dehydrated.

What would you do if you went to the grocery store and there was no food on the shelves?  Would you have the skills to sustain yourself?

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