Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apple Foraging

Last week I went on a three day hike with some hiking friends near Lion's Head, Ontario.   On our hike route we passed through a few abandoned over grown apple orchards, and you as you can imagine all the ladies on the hike were quite excited as we are all like minded in home preserving and anything home made.   We learned quickly to carry extra bags in our packs .... just in case we came upon more apples!   There were several varieties of apples that we picked over the course of the 3 day hike - both sweet and tart apples.   None of them were scabby or wormy.    With the apples I picked and the apples hubby picked from a wild tree near where he worked, I had about a bushel of mixed apples. 

When I arrived home after my time away I got busy, preparing the apples.    I was given as a gift an apple peeler which is absolutely amazing time saver (not to mention saving the strain on your hands).   I was able to peel, slice and core the bushel of apples in about an hour. 

Manual apple peeler/slicer/corer

Peeled/cored/sliced apple
 After all the peeling/slicing and coring was done I had enough apples to make :  14 jars apple sauce, 15 jars apple chutney, 1 apple crisp, 5 apple crumble pies.    All done on the same day ! (thanks to the apple peeler).
Apple sauce and apple crumble pies

Yield - 15 jars apple chutney

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