Friday, October 14, 2011

Putting the Garden to Bed for the Winter

It's time to start putting the garden to bed for the winter.   We've just had a mini second summer and a hard dark frost hasn't hit us yet - which usually has by this time of year.  We've had several days of no rain, and summer temperatures so have taken advantage of this time to start putting the gardens to bed for the winter.   Other years I have ended up working in the cold and rain to do this work.

We're still enjoying swiss chard from our garden, and soon the 2nd sowing of radishes will be ready to be picked.   Most of the vegetable beds have been pulled.   The Virgina Creeper which found it's way into the tomato patch has been transplanted to grow along side the rain barrels.  The garlic has been planted for next year harvest.  Rain barrels are emptied and turned over so water doesn't collect, freeze and crack the heavy plastic barrels.    There is still so much colour happening in the garden and we're enjoying it before the frost hits and snow is here.

When the leaves start falling we'll be shreading and using for mulch this year on the vegetable garden, as well as keeping a bag or two for putting in the compost bins - for layering with kitchen compost.    Leaves are full of nutrients and make great compost. 

Getting garden ready for the winter

"How miraculous that growing on my own little plot of land are plants that can turn the dead soil into a hundred flavours as different as horseradish and thyme, smells ranging from stinkhorn to lavender." 
John Seymour

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