Saturday, October 1, 2011


When I began my journey on simplicity and frugality over 20 years ago, it was out of necessity and not because I wanted to.    Since that time it has become a way of life.

One of my favourite books on frugality is the Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn, a.k.a. The Frugal Zealot.  "When first married their joint financial assets barely paid for the budget wedding.  They owned almost nothing.  In other words they started from zero."  She and her husband lived on one salary, raised six children and owned their own rural pre-1900 New England farmhouse (with attached barn) - debt free.  "Over the years their average income was less than $30,000 (including her husband's Navy salary and all allowances, plus her spotty freelance income). In less than seven years they saved $49,000, made significant investment purchases (vehicles, appliances, furniture) of $38,000, and were completely debt free! That is an annual savings/investment rate of over $12,500 per year, or 43% of their gross income.

Her books give helpful vital, cost-cutting ideas, ie how to cut your food bill in half, painless ways to save money, lifestyles of the frugal and obscure, ingenious recycling ideas, how to be frugal without feeling deprived - and hundreds of amazing tips, tricks, strategies, recipes and crafts that can squeeze big savings out of even the tightest budgets. 

Her books will help you get started as an aspiring tightwad, giving tightwadery a good name, and provide support to tightwads who feel they're all alone in their quest.

Her books are written with wit and humour which you'll surely be inspired and enjoy.

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