Saturday, October 29, 2011

Will You Be Ready ?

"Plant Closes - cuts 1550 jobs"
"Debt Crisis Sends Stocks down"
"Quality of Life Decreasing"
"Scary Times"
"Consumers Squeezed as Inflation Rises, Pensions Fall"
"Turbulent Times"

These are just a few of the headings gracing the newspapers and news every day.   How do you look and react to this news?   These headings are not new and things we've been hearing in the news for years, but many choose to keep living life as though times are great and getting themselves deeper into debt.    We cannot change the world's debt problems, but you can get your own house in order so that you can ride out the tough times. 

What a better time to look at opportunities in these volitle times?   Start tracking ALL your spending.  Write it all down.  You'll be surprised how much you do spend.  Look closely at all your bills and look for ways to trim or cut out.  Don't pay full price for items you consume on a regular basis - there are always sales somewhere, or do without until it's on sale. 

Create a 30-60-90 day list.  This is a list where you write down what you want.  See how long the item stays on the list before you decide you don't need it.   It will help cut down on any impulse buying, or something you thought you needed right away - you make do with something else or you find you didn't need at all.   If it's still on your list then you may still need it.

Look at the ways you cook and stretch your food budget.  Learn the art of using up.   Learn to forage - it can be fun.  This year we foraged for raspberries , dandelions and apples.   Nothing goes to waste in our house - for instance - you can eat carrot tops, beet greens, radish and turnip greens.  Soup goes along way and you can make excellent soup, by just looking at what's in your fridge or using up those vegetable tops that most throw out.

Look at ways to save on water, electricity, heating, and laundry.   Start a garden.  Even if you live in apartment you can still have a small garden inside.  Or if you live on a balcony or have a very small yard you can have a pallet garden and grow fresh herbs, or tomatoes in containers.   Start your own plants indoors.

I've learned many ways to save money.  You will be amazed what others throw out and is perfectly useable.  Being frugal is not a bad thing - make it a game ! 

Will you be (are you) ready ?


  1. "We cannot change the world's debt problems, but you can get your own house in order so that you can ride out the tough times."

    - I disagree.

    We can change the world's debt problems by taking back our democracy.

    We have one of the lowest voter turnouts in all the democracies of the world. I know our (green) votes don't to make a dent in our elections because we are one of the last of the world's democracies that isn't based on proportional representation, but when we don't vote, we don't have a democracy and governments turn to serve the corporate agenda when corporations finance their political campaigns.

    Our dollar should not be out vote; its our governments that are responsible for our well-being and they have failed us. But we can vote with our dollar right now by closing our accounts with the financial conglomerates that invest with Goldman Sachs and other full-service investment banks, and transfer our funds into credit unions where we elect the board members.

    While its important to take individual responsibility in our everyday domestic lives, it is equally important as citizens and tax payers to take a collective responsibility in controlling our nation's assets and guarding our rights. If we don't, it's not just a financial depression that affects our wallets, it's the integrity of our governments that right now aren't running the world. And it could amount to be just as much of an assault on human rights as is happening in the industrialized developing world, or worse. which we will never be ready for.

  2. I found your blog via the linki-up over at Homestead Revival.I really like the idea of the 30-60-90 day list :) :) I'll have to give that a try. the idea of tracking spending is also really good. I haven't done that in quite awhile, but I do save all my receipts :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)


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