Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bread Making

I like making bread, however it does take time and it's hard to find the time to do when you work full time.   I really do like my bread maker and over the years it has got alot of use.   I am now on my second bread maker.  My first one finally gave out after too much use.  I guess bread makers are "out of fashion" and while out at garage sales one day I came across several bread makers for sale and got a practically new bread maker for $5.00. 

I regularly make bread and have tried various recipes and flours.   The bread maker also makes great dough for homemade pizzas, buns/rolls, focaccia and cinnamon buns.   When my kids were younger I used to make homemade buns, filled and baked with various fillings, similar to the pizza pockets.  Filling included pizza makings, chicken, pork, beef with vegetables or their favourite vegetarian filling.   These buns could be made ahead of time and frozen for later use, which made making school lunches a breeze. 

My garage sale find ... $5.00

fresh spelt bread from the bread maker

an afternoon of baking - homemade bread, zucchini muffins
 and red pepper jelly

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  1. This all looks divine! I am a cook yet I have never dared make my own bread. You make it look so delicious and fun!


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