Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

Every fall there is annual ritual of raking up leaves and bagging them for recycling in our neighbourhood.

In our house, nothing goes to waste, even the leaves !   Did you know that autumn leaves are one of the best soil conditioners - and the best part .... they are free !    Tree leaves contain lots of nutrients that if used as mulch, are re-released back into the soil.   They also help insulate the soil in winter and add organic matter to your soil.

Once we've are all gathered up all our leaves we run the lawn mower over the pile to mulch them up.   I spread a thin layer of mulched up leaves over the garden and save a few bags of mulched up leaves to layer in our compost bin - for every layer of kitchen scraps, a layer of mulched leaves gets put on top.    Mulched up leaves help insulate the ground so that plants can remain dormant all winter long, which also protects the roots of your plants. 

mulched leaves
layer of mulched leaves on raised vegetable garden

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