Thursday, December 1, 2011

Homemade Christmas Series #1 : DIY Christmas Planters

Growing up the Christmas lights were magical to us as kids.  We would play outside for hours in the cold evenings under a big spruce tree in our front yard decorated with the lights.  With the cost of electricity, we don't put lights outside anymore, but I do make my own decorative planters outside.   I have a black urn at the front door and window box which I decorate for each season.

At Christmas it has fresh evergreen boughs and red sticks from gathered the woods, decorated with Christmas flowers and ornaments from the dollar store.    I made my own bows with ribbon purchased after Christmas last year (on sale for 80% off).

In the spring, before it's warm enough to plant flowers outside, it's decorated with spring flowers and greens from the dollar store.  In the summer I put living plants in the window box and urn (perennials from my garden and annual seeds I saved from the previous year).    Come Fall, flowers and decorations from the dollar store, along with fall flowers I have dried are placed in the pots.   You can get quite an assortment of artificial flowers from the dollar store that you can reuse year after year.

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