Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Homemade Christmas Series #3 : Christmas Cards

Making your own Christmas cards is a fun activity.  All year round while I'm out on a hike or in my garden, I'm taking photos.   I use my photos for making cards.

The winter scenes have been made into cards as shown in the photo - adding coloured paper, some ribbon.   Card stock comes in a variety of colours.  I've even used black card stock and written inside the card with a gold or silver pen.  Inexpensive stamps, using various coloured ink pads can also be used to decorate both the card and envelopes. 

My daughter's cat "LBC" (short for Little Black Cat), decided she was going to help me make cards the other day.  She has quite the interest in ribbon - mostly red ribbon, and had to keep an eye on her to ensure my ribbon didn't disappear.

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