Friday, December 9, 2011

Homemade Christmas Series #4 : Mall Shopping – Not !

I am not a “mall” person and don’t enjoy shopping for the fun of it and avoid it when at all possible.  It has been a while since I was in a big shopping mall.   When I shop I go with a list, get what is needed and go home.   The other day, I needed to go to a particular store which was situated in one of the largest malls near where I work.   I thought, by going mid week, during my lunch hour I could avoid the crowds.   Wrong !

When I got there, I had trouble finding a parking spot and ended up walking a bit of a distance to get to the mall.  I didn’t mind the distance or the fresh air – but it’s the crazy drivers in a mall parking lot which is unnerving.  They are impatient, in a rush, not really looking where they are going and intent on finding that perfect parking spot.   When I got into the mall I was overwhelmed with the number of people going in every direction, the lights, displays, and congestion.   You really have to be on the alert on where you are going so you don’t bump into anyone or thing and watch out so that someone else doesn’t run you over not looking where they are going.   When I finally found the store I needed and found the item needed,  I stood at line at the cash for what seemed a long time, the bright lights were hot, people in line were impatient and when it was finally my turn the cashier wasn’t in a good mood either.    Needless to say, I was glad to get back to my car and leave.   It was a good reminder why I don’t like mall shopping or large big box grocery stores either.    I much prefer to shop locally in the small shops near where I live, where shop keepers are friendly, polite and remember your name !

This Christmas, I am not shopping at the big malls.  Instead the majority of my gifts are handmade.  I’d post you some pictures of what I made this year, however some of my family read my posts and I don’t want to spoil the surprise !    I will post pictures after Christmas which may inspire others to hand make gifts for next Christmas.

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