Saturday, December 31, 2011

Homemade Gift Series #1 : Preserves

Now that Christmas is over, I can start posting the gifts I made and have started a little series on gift making.   I decided to try to make most of my gifts this year and as promised from a previous post on "Mall Shopping - Not !" would start posting them after Christmas to not spoil the surprise for the receivers. 

The first idea was a box of homemade preserves, wrapped in homemade dish cloths.   The pattern for the dish cloths are posted here.  Check out my various posts on preserving and canning for ideas on homemade preserves and some recipes.

For my hiking and camping friends I dehydrated various fruits, vegetables, tofu jerky and wrapped up nicely into a box for their next trip.   

Stay tuned for more ideas in posts to follow.


  1. hello
    wonderful gift!! honeysuckle flower jelly sounds
    wonderful.thanks for sharing.
    happy new year!

  2. Those sound like wonderful gifts. Really like that you added the hand-knitted dishcloths. Dehydrated fruits and jerky would be nice even if you weren't a camper or hiker!

  3. Preserves are such a lovely homemade gift to receive!


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