Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To Coupon or Not to Coupon ....

Do you ever watch those "extreme couponing" reality shows?   I have a couple of times.   Some people do go to such extreme measures and often buy so much that they will never use, just because they have the coupon.  For instance, on one show a couple of girls had bought shelves of disposable diapers and didn't even have any children.  Another single fellow bought an entire skid of toothpaste, more than he will ever use in an entire lifetime.
I have used coupons, and yes I do collect them, but only for the items that I would normally use and when the item is on sale.   I don't spend a lot of time collecting, as they do on those extreme reality shows.  In Canada, you'll never be able to extreme coupon as you can in the United States.

At the office I started a "coupon swap".  In the small kitchenette I put a small box with a little sign on it - saying ....
 Coupon Swap

Take what you need

Add coupons you don’t use

Throw out any outdated coupons

Just for fun, I've tracked for a year what I have saved in using coupons and only buying an item when it's "on sale".   Why pay full price for an item when you can get it for a much lower cost.   It has added up to substantial savings.  Every little bit does help keep the budget in line, especially during these economic times !

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  1. I live in Canada and use coupons like crazy. I only buy things I need, although I do have 2 kids in diapers so we use a lot of coupons for that, but I'd say I save about $200/ month on average using coupons....if not more. If you have a London Drugs near by you can use double or triple coupons on one item


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