Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Gardening - Growing Sprouts

Mung beans


Now that winter is upon us it's too cold to grow anything outdoors.   You can, grow an indoor winter garden - SPROUTS !    See my post on how to grow your own sprouts.   Sprouts are great in salads, soups, omelets, sandwiches and I've added them to my homemade bread (sprouted bread).   I grew mung bean, lentil and alfalfa sprouts in a bright spot on my kitchen counter and the pictures of these sprouts are just five days old.


  1. My husband and I were just talking yesterday about sprouting some beans. They look so tasty! Your photographs are wonderful. After too much bad food, my body is screaming for some nice greens!

  2. dear janet,
    wonderful !!!! i think i will it try. i have never eat sprouts before.i like your photos,they are gorgeous.
    best wishes for the new year!!!

  3. It never occurred to me to sprout lentils. Thank you!

  4. Is that some kind of special sprouting tray? We use a mason jar with a cheesecloth top, but when the sprouts start turning green, they are a tangled mess in the jar. Those trays look great! Karen

    1. It is a special sprouting tray. I can't remember it's name, but I got it at our local health food store. It came with 3 stackable trays and lid.

  5. I've never done any growing sprouts myself, but I have eaten them plenty enough, and I love them haha!

  6. Hi Janet! I've just discovered your blog and so pleased I have! What a wealth of information and I love this post on sprouting- it's the perfect winter gardeing solution!! I write about very similar things-please take a look:
    I'm hosting a weekly linky which is all about seasonal celebration and would love it if you popped over and linked this post! It would be great to introduce your blog to my readership! Seasonal Celebration Linky Really hope to see you there! Rebecca x

  7. Janet thank you very much for placing this sprouty post on Natural Mothers Network's linky: Seasonal Celebration! You helped make Seasonal Celebration a wealth of intelligent, creative and resourceful information and it's been such a pleasure for me and many others to read through each post. I am really looking forward to seeing you again Sunday evening or Monday! Rebecca x


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