Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Knitter's Stash

I recently read a book from the library called "Stashbuster Knits" - Tips, tricks, and 21 beautiful projects for Using Your Favorite Leftover Yarn by Melissa Leapman.  

In it she says "I like to think of a person's yarn stash as his or her own personal yarn shop".   "Every knitter has a stash of leftover yarn, but what can you do with all those odds and ends?"  In Melissa Leapman's book she offers tips and tricks that will have you using -- and loving! -- your own personal yarn collection".

Somehow over the years my stash has grown faster than I can knit.   As mentioned in a previous post, many have given me garbage bags full of yarn that is no longer wanted.     I made a small dent in my stash this Christmas making various gifts and items for our Knitter's Guild Christmas hamper project, however still have a long way to go.   Our next Knitter's Guild project is knitting pneumonia vests to be sent to third world countries.

In Melissa Leapman's book she says keeping your stash organized by sorting similar yarn types together makes mixing and matching easy and you'll be able to pick that "perfect ball at a moment's notice".  "A well organized stash will empower you..... it's important to take the time to organize and store its precious contents so it is manageable, easy to use, and most important, inspirational."

So, today, I did just that.   I organized my stash, by weight and colours, so that my stash can be put to good use.   I even sorted through all my patterns, discarding what I know I'll never make.   My Knitter's Guild inspired me to get going on sorting all the patterns, as we are having a pattern swap at our next meeting.   Check out (free membership) for many ideas for using up your stash.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this book. If anyone ever needed tips on organizing their yarn stash, it is I. Very practical tip to organize according to type of yarn. And I thought I was doing great to just to have it all in one place! Ha!

  2. looks beautiful and so true :) I did the same with my fabrics. But they went in bins that were labeled and stacked!


    1. The colours are so inviting on these cold winter days. I shall also look into this book. Right now I am knitting a scarp sweater for my two year old. I make one each year for the fall fairs ( there is a category for scrap sweaters), and I take the winnings to buy of all else, more wool!


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