Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mystery Lace Knit-A-Long - Week 1

This winter I've been able able to do a fair amount of knitting/crocheting.   The weather hasn't cooperated for alot of weekend hiking with the amount or rain and ice we've been getting and it's certainly not gardening season yet.

Our Knitters Guild started a "knit-a-long".   Those who are participating are embarking on a lace scarf.   None of us has seen the end result yet (accept the leader), hence the name of the pattern is "Mystery Lace" and we've each been given the beginning of the pattern - the first couple dozen rows of the first pattern.  In a couple of weeks we'll all be given the next part of the pattern.  The idea is that everyone is knitting at roughly the same pace, and if you get stuck and need help, we can help each other.   A lace pattern was chosen, so that we could learn to knit lace.  A number of us use where our Guild has set up a group so that we can share comments about the knit-a-long, what's working, what's not and share photos of our work.

I have knit lace before, however, this pattern doesn't have alot of instructions - accept a visual chart.   I'm not used to reading charts and has been a bit frustrating so far.  

Progress - Week 1
I have learned a new cast-on method - "Provisional Cast-On".   I like the finished look it gives, it's not too tight.  It's a bit tedious and awkward to get the hang of, but worth the effort.

The first few rows of the pattern were easy and am now into the counting on the chart and it's just not working.  I've ripped out a couple of rows at least three times now - time to stop!    I'm off to the library tonight where there is a group of knitters who meet once a month for some knit share time and get some help.

Update :  I got some help - a simple interpretation of the chart was all it took, and was able to complete a few rows and see a pattern forming.   


  1. Can't wait to see how it all turns out! The mystery lace idea sounds like a fun project.


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