Friday, January 27, 2012

Spring Thoughts...

At this time of year, the seed catalogues are out, gardening magazines are depicting spring bulbs, flowers and beautiful flower beds.   It's hard not to get excited about gardening and planning this year's garden, even though winter has finally arrived here.   Maybe we'll get a late spring?

I have kept a gardening journal the last few years.  In it I keep track of what has worked and not worked, times of the sun patterns and hours of direct sun I get on the various parts of the yard, the yield produced in my raised vegetable beds and my ideas for the next year's garden as well as other things I've learned along the way.   I joined our local horticultural society where we meet once a month.  Guest speakers and master gardeners speak on various topics.   I've learned alot and the price of the membership for the year ($7.00) is well worth it !

I call my journal my "right size book".   Since we are always learning new things and getting new ideas, keeping track in one spot sure helps.  My gardening journal is not anything special, a regular inexpensive lined note book, 5 1/2 " x 8" -- just the right size to carry around and jot down ideas as they present themselves.


  1. Good idea! Joining a horticulture society sounds like a fun thing to do.

    1. Love your idea, all in one place! I have mine in my personal journal...not much help to others in the family as it is hidden.

  2. You know Janet, I have always known that keeping a gardening journal was a good idea...but I never tried it :0( I think it is high time that I did, since I tend to not keep track of what works and what doesn't it.

    Excellent reminder - thank you! :)



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