Thursday, February 16, 2012

Becoming an Urban Homesteader Series #3

Urban Homesteading Series #3
HOW  to become an Urban Homesteader?

Listen, learn, read, practice.

Join your local horticultural society you’ll learn a wealth of knowledge from many master gardeners, and the guest speakers that often present at the meetings.    

There are many very good blogs you can follow and learn from.  I follow a number and have learned so much !   I’m always learning and getting lots of new ideas to try out in my own little "backyard homestead".

Visit your local library.    There are many books, DVDs and magazines to choose from on gardening and sustainable living.

Anyone can do it … no matter how big or small your yard, whether you have just a window sill, live in an apartment, townhouse or house with a small yard.   Be sure to check which growing zone you live in so that you’re not disappointed when something that can grow in California or the UK, but doesn’t in the region you live, for me that is Canada, where the growing season is much shorter.  Also check your town by-laws to find out whether you are allowed chickens, bees or goats.  It would be very disappointing to set up a chicken coup, only to have to take it down again.   My town prohibits any kind of livestock, so am sticking to vegetables for now.   Who knows, with the growing popularity of self-sustaining living, the by-laws may change.

My next post will be more details on How to's.


  1. Or you could try to get the ordinances changed like my friend Vicki did. Yes, it's remarkable how much information is out there. If you want to do it, lack of knowledge shouldn't hold you back!

  2. I note that your books are from the library. way to go girl! I too have been enjoying Homestead reading, even though we have "homestead" (farmed) for over 30 years. It is always a good learn from others.I like your pile of books. Gives me ideas on other books to order in from the library.

    I find your blog very informative. Thank you.

  3. Our neighboring town just passed an ordinance to allow for beekeeping. I am rural, so I can do it already if I wanted, but the neighboring town is now allowing it inside the city limits. It all stemmed from a MIDDLE SCHOOL project!

    I too, read, read, read! :)

  4. I have read a couple of those. Very good choices. My give away would go well with them! ;-)

  5. Oh Janet,I have some of the same books. They are so encouraging and inspirational! :)


  6. Can you recommend a few good books to start out with, in regards to urban or suburban homesteading? My family and I have slowly been incorporating sustainable ways into our life for the past year, but the sheer amount of books out there on this subject is a little overwhelming, any suggestions?

    1. Jana - I have read many books that I got from the library - in the photo above. The most practical one so far is the "The Urban Homestead". I also just got another one from the library called "The City Homesteader" which is good too.

    2. I also found the "vertical Gardening" helpful. Lots of ideas to grow alot in a small space.


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