Monday, February 20, 2012

Becoming an Urban Homesteader Series - #4

What Urban Homesteaders Do..... 

I have learned many things over the years, which has become the norm for me, but is now considered the new fashionable term “Urban Homesteading”.    See my earlier posts on urban homesteading series. I’m always learning new things and will continue to share and post the things I learn.

A few things homesteaders do:  checkout the links on each :



  1. Everything old is new again! Isn't it funny? I grew up with people doing all these things and have done them all my life. Back in the day it was called just making the paycheck stretch.

    1. Where I come from it was a way of everyday life. My new seeds arrived in the mail today. Nothing makes me more happy then nice parcels of things I treasure most!

    2. Indeed... everything old is new again ! I was discussing this with my Mum the other day the topic of the "new urban homesteader" - something we consider is every day life, but, unfortunately, for many it's new territory.


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