Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Garden Planning

Every year around this time I start to plan for the upcoming gardening season.  Every year I pour over books, magazines for inspirational ideas and it seems I look and read the same stuff every year.  Every year I re-look at when to plant my seeds indoors, what to plant, what not to plant.  Life gets busy, and I've forgotten what I did the previous year.   It all takes up precious time.

I recently found a Canadian vegetable gardening book, with information on the same planting zone I am in, which has answered so many of my questions.   So much web information and books are written for completely different growing zones.  For instance, the average last danger of frost week here in my planting zone in Canada is end May - in California it's mid February.  Our outdoor vegetable growing season is also a lot shorter.

This year I'm getting organized !    I've created my own personal gardening calendar on when and which seeds to start indoors, and what I can sow directly outdoors.

I created a simple spreadsheet on the computer where I can check off when to start seeds indoors, outdoors, when to harvest, when to reseed to maximize my growing season.  I can easily change my chart based on what I decide I want to grow.  I can print it off and have it handy when I need it.   Now everything I need is simple and all in one spot.



  1. I bow my hat to you Janet! This takes ingenuity and persistence :) I just write in a notebook, and this so far is enough for me. Good for you in creating something that truly works for your family and thank you for sharing it with us :)

    1. This is wonderful. Are you using a program or just Excel? I see something that says Plant maps!

  2. Wow! That is some serious planning!

  3. I just used Excel and screen captured the Plant map to remember my planting zone. :)

  4. Good idea. I still am a paper and pencil type girl.Use my journals.


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