Monday, March 12, 2012

Becoming an Urban Homesteader Series # 6 : This week's Happenings

It's still too early to do anything in our gardens in Ontario as the ground is still frozen and there is still some snow/ice in the shaded areas.   Winter isn't over yet !

However, the garlic is trying hard to poke through the ground outside, along with chives, parsley and oregano.
Indoor sprouts are growing high - they are on their 2nd cutting, and the celery experiment is working well so far.

Planted seeds - Tomatoes (various kinds, saved from last year's tomatoes, cherry, beefsteak, persimmons and a different variegated variety saved from my CSA summer program last year), Herbs (Rosemary & Basil), poppy (saved from last year's plants), carnation and marigolds (saved from last year's plants).   I re-cycled yogurt containers for seed pots, which I also used last year and fit perfectly into a $1.75 garden tray from Canadian Tire.

Saturday evening there was a beautiful sky .... so was anticipating a beautiful Sunday, which turned out to be a  glorious day weather wise - good hiking - did 8 km hike with my hiking group. 


  1. That photograph of the sky is just beautiful, Janet! Looks like your seedlings are doing great. Yesterday we went out and cleaned up some of the flower beds. Love all the anticipation of this time of year!

  2. It looks like things are coming along! This has been a great follow!

  3. what a wonderful sky...
    wow your seedling looking great!!!!!
    have a wonderful week,

  4. Don't you just love pushing back the leaves and finding new growth! I do!

    The Way Grandmama Does It

  5. I visit your post. I love this sky image so much. Its very natural and beautiful pix. Thanks for sharing this information with us.


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