Thursday, March 29, 2012

For the Birds ....

With the unusual Spring we have had this year I've seen many birds in our yard that I wouldn't normally see yet.   The Robins are back from their southern retreat.   A pair of Cardinals were in the tree on our front yard the other day, as well as a couple of Blue Jays as well.      
As I have said in previous posts, nothing goes to waste in our house.   Almost everything has a purpose.  Even the scrap wool left over from knitting/crochet projects, as well as the soft hair trapped in the cat's brush has a purpose.   I placed the scrap wool and the hair in the bird feeder in the garden.  It's nesting time for the birds and all the wool and hair was gone the next day !


  1. Wonderful Idea.
    I just combed and shaved my dog, but I put the hair in the compost. This would have been a better idea. Maybe I will open the compost lid!

  2. My grandmother would always clean out her hairbrush and toss it into the wind. We do the same thing when we brush our dog. I found a bird's nest lined with the fur of one of our dogs after he had to be put to sleep. I treasured that dear little thing for months, until it fell off the shelve and our new pup tore it up.

  3. Wow its wonderful and beautiful project. You share such brilliant idea with us. You have done great work as well as this type of project is also very useful to birds.


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