Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Favourite Flower

The Simple Pansy…  

Pansies that re-seeded themselves in our walkway

The name 'pansy' is derived from the French word pensée meaning "thought", and was so named because the flower resembles a human face.  It is a favourite image in Victorian/Shakespeare times, in arts/crafts with needlepoint and ceramics, greeting cards and can be traced back in history as early as 4th century B.C. 

The pansies in my yard have re-seeded themselves.   One of the first spring annuals we can plant in our climate are pansies.   They like it cool and can tolerate frost.   The photos in this post are ones I took last spring as it is still a bit early for these beautiful flowers to appear. 

"You must bloom where you are planted,
In the garden we call life,
And bring some special beauty to
Each corner where there's strife.

Perhaps you're but a dandelion,
Wishing you were a rose,
Yet in this place of growing things,
You're the one God chose.

It's up to you to finish what
The Good Lord has begun,
By growing just the way you should
And face the rising sun.

There's room for you, if you but choose,
In a glorious array

Of beauty from God's garden, that
He'll add to his bouquet. "
Author Unknown


  1. So beautiful!
    Isn't it sunny and warm out. I just can't believe it is only March!!

  2. What a wonderful poem! Pansies just make you smile they are so cheerful!

  3. I like the pansy flower. They're beautiful and come in so many colors. Thanks for telling me a little about how this flower got it's name. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. Flower is beautiful natural beauty. You share such nice images of flower. I like this purple colour so much. You take fantastic image.


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