Friday, March 9, 2012

Winter Hiking

Winter finally arrived close the end of February, which brought a nice bit of snow to cover all the ice on the trails.   The snow has made hiking the trails much more enjoyable.   All you need for winter hiking is some warm clothes, a decent pair of boots and icers to strap onto your boots to help with traction on ice/snow.

Hiking is a great form of exercise and can be done anytime of the year.   The benefits are great - see my earlier post on this great form of simple and frugal exercise.

Bruce Trail


  1. You are fortunate to live near forest land. Many do not have this opportunity. I too am so blessed to have beautiful woods right here on the farm. In fact I could walk through woods until I am lost in central ONt. However snow has been on the lesser side this year. WE have had more ice then snow. I love to cross country ski but they never came out the garage this winter. Too much ice and not enough 'cold' snow. Glad you got out though.

  2. Winter is my favourite season. I like so much your pix. You share best winter hiking. You have done fantastic work.


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