Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Becoming an Urban Homesteader #7 - This week's Happenings ....

Winter briefly came back to our neck of the woods.  It has since melted and the run-off from the roof has filled a couple of rain barrels !  Yah!  We're really glad of the moisture.  Everything here has been too dry.

The weatherman had predicted the snow was coming so the tomato seedlings were moved back inside in time. 

Cool weather veggies were planted outside : Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Kale, Radish and Spinach. The perennial beds got edged.  

The celery experiment is working out well.  About a month ago I cut the end off the celery and stuck in water... it rooted and I transplanted into earth this week.   And, fresh spelt bread was baked.

I've been concentrating on my "indoor" gardening - Sprouting :  Pea, alfalfa, chia, broccoli, mung beans and lentils.   They are great in salads and in sandwiches/wraps instead of lettuce.

Tomato Seedlings
Celery Experiment - freshly transferred to it's own pot
mung beans sprouting

Alfalfa sprouts

Pea sprouts

Broccoli sprouts
Chia Sprouts
Fresh baked spelt bread


  1. How wonderful everything is looking Janet! Yes, April is pretty unpredictable :)

  2. Guess winter is done with us yet. Everything looks like it is coming along swimmingly.


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