Friday, April 27, 2012

Learning to Cook with Beans

I'm learning to incorporate more beans into our diet.    This winter's CSA share regularly had dried beans as a free choice.    Beans came as unwashed, unsorted.     A regular feature was the Lina Cisco bean seen in the photo.    This bean is tan and maroon speckled.  It is aromatic and plump when cooked and when the skin splits open inside is a creamy, potato-like texture.

The first recipe I tried with this bean is found at this link Lina Cisco Bean Spread. 
This tasty recipe included freshly roasted garlic.  This bean spread can be served as a dip for vegetables, a spread in a sandwich with homegrown sprouts (see my earlier links on sprouting), or on crackers.  

The spread tastes better the next day when seasonings for this recipe - scallions, fresh rosemary, and parsley have a chance to bring out their true flavours.  I doubled the recipe and froze in smaller containers to have on hand.


  1. This is something I am learning to do more myself. It sure keeps the cost of groceries down when we use them. However I have noticed certain dislikes and likes of types of beans around here. Lima is least liked! I just recieved a pressure cooker and will be good for making beans.

  2. I grew some of those same beans last year. Hutterite soup beans are good too. They have almost a nutty flavor to them. Thanks for the recipe! A local restaurant makes a Mediterranean white bean hummus and your recipe sounds very similar.

  3. Oh I wish I could enjoy beans...they don't seem to like me much :(


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