Friday, May 18, 2012

Bread made with Beans

Have you ever heard of baking bread with beans?  I hadn't until I came across the book "Spilling the Beans" by Julie Van Rosendaal & Sue Duncan.     This bread is so easy to make and requires no kneading and very little attention.  Despite adding a cup of cooked beans, it has the texture of white bread.  In this recipe I substituted one cup of white flour for spelt flour.  

The recipe also called for white beans.  I used the Lina Cisco beans I had on hand which gave the bread a darker colour once baked.  
Yum - delicious !

The book also says it works well as a pizza crust too.


  1. That's a beautiful loaf of bread, Janet!

  2. Wow...that is just delicious! How does it taste? Does it taste heavy at all? And any side effects after eating it?

    1. Maria - the taste was much lighter than I anticipated and no side affects - there was just one cup of cooked beans in the recipe.


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