Saturday, May 26, 2012

Making Best Use of Small Spaces

There is a small space between our house and our retired neighbour's that doesn't get used for anything, accept for some storage.  It's sheltered and gets a fair amount of sun.   The weeds grow well in this spot - dandelions, violets and golden rod.

About a year after we moved in our current home I approached our neighbour and asked if this space was being used for anything and would they mind if I cleaned it up a bit and plant some vegetables.   Since they are not as mobile as they'd like to be and  rarely go to that side of their house they had no objection.   So, I cleaned it up and planted tomato plants that I had grown from seed and some hollyhocks.   When the tomatoes are ripe, I pick them and leave them on my neighbour's front porch for them to enjoy.  This year planted beef steak, cherry and early girl.

My extra tomato plants that I've grown from seed have somewhere to grow, and my neighbour get fresh tomatoes to enjoy.    They're happy !



  1. Hi Janet! That's nice of your neighbor to let you use this space. And it's nice of you to share the tomatoes! Just like good neighbors should do! Blessings from Bama!

  2. Beautiful...what a gift and a blessing you are to your neighbors Janet :)


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