Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Hiking and Foraging

The best part of spring hiking .... no bugs !.... and it's not too hot, no humidity, beautiful wildflowers, birds chirping, and the wildlife.   The quietness of the woods is so peaceful and you're surrounded by beauty everywhere.   Often my best thinking is done in the woods - away from my everyday world and it's many distractions.

Every time I go hiking I feel like I've been on a mini holiday - even though I am close to home.   Being in the woods is very different from my everyday world.    On this past Sunday picnic hike we saw many wildflowers ie. blue cohash, wild ginger, wild leeks, garlic mustard and trilliums to name a few, and a large garter snake sunning itself. 

We came across a clear cut area done by the hydro crew putting in new lines.  Many trees were taken down and lots of wild leek clumps were left in the sun to bake.  Knowing they wouldn't survive out in the open field I didn't feel too guilty for digging up a few more.

Bruce Trail - Canada Goose Side Trail

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  1. The trillium and leeks are alive here too, but so are the blackflies and mosquitoes now. Terrible as the sun goes down. But still beautiful to walk through the woods...........or perhaps run though?


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