Monday, June 18, 2012

Treadmill of Life

Do you ever have those times when life gets so busy, you don't know which way you are going? 

I was hardly home all week, with working full time away from home, out every night - meetings, errands, appointments, etc., unexpected visitors, chores, watering garden - from rain barrels.  We are determined to use as little city water as possible - so collecting rain water for the gardens is a must, but watering the garden takes quite a bit of time bucket by bucket.

The pool finally got opened - and no tap water was used at all this year to top up the pool after the cover was off.   All the top water was reused - filtered.  We saved alot on the water bill but takes quite a bit of time to do as we need to be near the pumps and keep an eye on them so they didn't get blocked from the green matter that had collected over the late fall and spring. 

Then to top it off the kitchen taps and sink gave out and couldn't be fixed.   No running water in the kitchen for several days - made life interesting too !   Carting water up from the basement laundry tub to use for cooking, etc.    Its amazing how fast you realize how much water you actually use/waste when you have to carry it.

Somethings just had to give ... like blog posting, baking, laundry, picking berries - making jam, knitting, reading.


  1. That's why I always laugh when people speak longingly of the good old days before electricity and indoor plumbing. Your life is really ruled by nature then! We had a similar experience of experiencing that life when our furnace went out in the winter and the part took weeks to arrive. Our life revolved around hauling wood,minding the fire and cleaning out ashes.

  2. It does create an eye opener, doesn't it (; Just like Jane said, the good old days...some things were good then, but there's nothing better than indoor plumbing and air conditioning (:

    I just found your blog and became a follower (: Can't wait to come back for more posts! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!



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