Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Becoming an Urban Homesteader #10 : This Week's Happenings

This past weekend we foraged for wild raspberries.   Pickings were very slim, but there was lots of garlic mustard going to seed and collected a lot of seed to make garlic seed mustard (stay tuned).

Picked blueberries and gooseberries at a local farm for freezing.

Made two big pots of garlic scape soup for the freezer.

Re-seeded the vegetable garden for a 2nd harvest after my daughter's dog dug it up a couple of times.  He's a seven month old Blue Heeler/Shepherd cross.   We gave him a bone and he hid it and dug it up several times all over the my garden.   He's quite the digger.  I think I'll get him to turn over my garden in the fall/spring !

We need rain.   We get the clouds/thunder/lightening and maybe 5 minutes of rain and then passes us by.

my very very dry brown grass - we need rain !
Garlic Mustard seed pod
Wild raspberries


  1. Wow! That's quite a nice basketful of raspberries, Janet. We share some raspberry bushes on the property line with our neighbor, but they were not good this year. They dried up before the ripened. Never heard of garlic mustard. I think it's wonderful all the foraging that you do.

  2. I have yet to pick our raspberries here on the farm. A lot have dried up before picking as well. Hopefully the rain this week with plum them out.

    Dogs and gardens!!! How about cows? When they break through the electric fencing they head right for the garden, eat everything down.


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