Friday, July 13, 2012

Special Place

I have found a spot in my house which I can call mine.

A spot that no one else clutters up with their stuff.  Everywhere else in the house, even my desk gets cluttered up with others' papers and stuff, as well as the kitchen counters and table.  It's frustrating sometimes, when I start to cook a meal or want to work at my desk I spend a chunk of time cleaning up before I can even start.  And, by the time I'm done cleaning up I don't want to do what I first started out to do.

I'm one of those who need some order and a spot where I can sit, to read, knit/crochet, etc., somewhere there's no clutter, somewhere there's space, somewhere to be just me. 

The spot I can call mine is an old threadbare couch, covered with a throw to cover up the holes where the stuffing is sticking out.    I have a small folding table that can hold a book, journal, pencil, my latest knitting/crochet project and a cup of tea.  From my spot I also have good view of my garden.


  1. It looks very cozy, Janet!

  2. hello janet,
    what a cosy place!!!!
    what do you knitting?It looks very nice.
    have a nice weekend,
    love regina

    1. So true. A favourite spot.
      What are you working on now?

    2. I'm still working on baby things (3 more on the way in our family). In between projects I'm working on dish cloths.

    3. I like to knit and crochet.


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