Monday, August 6, 2012

Chive Vinegar

I recently made vinegar with the chive blossoms from my garden.   The chive vinegar can be used in any recipe calling for a flavoured vinegar - great for making salad dressings.  The chives will give your vinegar and onion flavour.  Also see my post on Edible Flowers.

The vinegar is easy to make and looks so pretty in the bottle.  Chive vinegar makes a nice gift to those who enjoy cooking.

How to make chive vinegar: 
1)   Clean your bottle/jar well
2)   Soak chive blossoms in a large bowl of cold water for several hours or overnight, so that, if there are any little critters hiding in the blossom they will get out.  
2)    Drain your blossoms well and place enough chive blossoms into your bottle/jar.
3)    Pour vinegar into bottle enough to cover blossoms.
4)    Seal tight and store in cool dark place.   In a few weeks you'll have a pretty pink flavoured vinegar.

Freshly made chive vinegar
Chive vinegar after a few weeks

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