Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Garlic Scape Recipe - Turmeric Sauce

Garlic Scapes were a free choice at our last couple of CSA pick-ups.   I've tried several recipes using garlic scapes ie in stir fries, soup, garlic scape pesto.

My daughter and I tried out a new recipe from a university friend who is working at a CSA farm this summer. She has a blog called "The Ironwood Chef".   Recipe is called Turmeric Sauce.  Turmeric is a great anti-inflamatory spice and I've been incorporating more turmeric in my diet.   The Ironwood Chef uses this sauce on everything from brown rice, lamb, sandwiches, quinoa etc.    We used cilantro/mint herb combinations, which will be great with lamb.  

Check out this great blog for the recipe.

Turmeric sauce
From left to right.... Turmeric sauce, homemade pasta sauce, garlic scape pesto
Turmeric sauce and garlic scape pesto

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  1. That turmeric sauce is certainly eye catching and intriguing. Thanks for the link. Really like the idea of a natural inflammatory.


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