Sunday, August 19, 2012

Year of Babies .....

Another baby arrived safely into our family circle yesterday !    One more is due to arrive in the next few months.  

I knitted this layette set with a washable acrylic using an old Beehive pattern.  It's the same pattern I knitted for my own babies many years ago.   The pattern book didn't have a bootie pattern, so I made one up. I've tried knitting the matching bonnet without much luck, so again made up my own pattern.  


  1. Oh Janet...this is just beautiful! I am just starting to knit clothing - it is very soothing but frustrating also :( and yes, it is the year of babies :)


    1. Very beautiful. I love layettes, just wish mom's did these days. the boonet and booties worked out well. Boy or girl??

    2. Boy this time. (Makes 1 girl, 2 boys and counting ...)

  2. How very very sweet! so precious! This brings back memories when my daughter, now 13, was just a few days old.
    I always love to hear when families are expanding, blessings with new additions to the family! Family- is such a blessing from the Lord:)


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